Michael Schulson Shares Pride for Schulson Collective restaurant, Monkitail

Our amazing leadership team at Schulson Collective restaurant, Monkitail has grown above and beyond my expectations over the last year and a half. The work my best-of-the-best team has done to make this an award-winning modern Japanese restaurant is something I’ll always be grateful for. Congratulations to Tobias Moser, Nina Tinari, Chef Sung Kim, Larry Duran and those not mentioned for all that you’ve accomplished so far.

Nina Tinari
The Luncheonette at Schulson Collective restaurant, Giuseppe & Sons

Schulson Collective restaurant, Giuseppe & Sons, offers patrons both a delicious grab-and-go lunch and a formal dining room where friends and family can enjoy great food, a little wine and a lot of laughter. Menu items at the Luncheonette include heart-warming soups, nutritious salads, satisfying sandwiches and tasty party platters featuring all of the above. If you’re ever in the Philadelphia area, feel free to stop by and enjoy on-the-go!

Nina Tinari
Michael Schulson Shares Pride for Schulson Collective restaurant, Monkitail

Seeing people enjoy your food is one of the greatest gifts a chef can receive. Watching photos of our food pop up on social media is a joy. We especially love hearing all about our patrons’ experiences at Schulson Collective restaurants. This incredible photo of our Crispy Tofu served with mizuno pesto and a miso caramel from Monkitail was taken by a happy customer. Thank you, Mr. And Mrs. EATS for capturing the essence of our food!

Nina Tinari
Why I Cook by Michael Schulson of Schulson Collective

My nana was my greatest inspiration and the reason I launched Schulson Collective and my career as a chef. Cooking was her greatest passion and it quickly became mine. We spent countless hours in the kitchen together and I will always cherish those days.

Nina Tinari
Ingredients for Edamame Dumplings from Schulson Collective restaurant, Sampan

One of my favorite dishes to make is also one of the most beloved dishes at Schulson Collective restaurant, Sampan. Here’s what you need to create our irresistible Edamame Dumplings:

1 Teaspoon Coarse Salt

*A little more for boiling water.
2 Cups Fresh or Frozen Shelled Edamame
1/4 Cup Heavy Cream
1 Tablespoon Unsalted Butter
3 Tablespoons Truffle Oil (Yes, this is our secret ingredient!)
20 Hong Kong Dumpling Wrappers

Warmed sake broth, for serving.

Click here to watch this how-to video and learn exactly how to make Edamame Dumplingsfrom Michael Schulson. This past blog also offers a few helpful tips!

Nina Tinari
Making Gnocchi at Schulson Collective restaurant, Giuseppe & Sons

There are few things better than fresh, homemade pasta. All of the pasta we serve at Schulson Collective restaurant, Giuseppe & Sons, is made in house, daily. Our gnocchi making process is especially labor intensive, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. From start to finish, here is a look at how we create one of our most popular dishes, Gnocchi Basil Pomodoro with ricotta, San Marzano tomatoes and basil.

Nina Tinari
In the Kitchen with Michael Schulson from Schulson Collective

It’s always great to be in the kitchen with my incredible team. Wesley Fields, Vince Termini Sr., Vincent Termini Jr. and Leo Forneas joined forces with me at Schulson Collective restaurant, Giuseppe & Sons, to create this delicious blue crab gravy with parsley and San Marzano tomatoes for our Crabs and Spaghetti dish. I am honored to work with some of the best in the business.

Nina Tinari
The Best Places to Eat in Philadelphia According to Michael Schulson

Philadelphia is full of incredible restaurants, but navigating through them all can be overwhelming. I recently sat down with USA TODAY to narrow down my six favorite places to eat in the City of Brotherly Love. Spoiler alert; Termini Brothers Bakery, Vietnam Restaurant & Café and Tio Pepe Restaurant & Bar all made my list. A stand out dish would be the paella from Tio Pepe Restaurant & Bar. It has incredible flavor!

Nina Tinari
Double Knot by Michael Schulson of Schulson Collective is Named Top 100 Best Restaurants in the Country; Nina Tinari and Michael Schulson Named Restaurant Empire Builders of the Year

This past year was one for the record books. Open Table included Double Knot by the Schulson Collective in their list of the top 100 best restaurants in the country and Eater Philly named Michael Schulson and Nina Tinari Restaurant Empire Builders of the Year! We are so incredibly thankful to the editors and readers for the great recognition and look forward to future endeavors.

Nina Tinari
Asian Cuisine with Michael Schulson of Schulson Collective

When looking at my culinary portfolio many people have asked me, “why Asian cuisine?” After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America and making my way up the culinary chain of command, I traveled to Japan and worked in prestigious Tokyo kitchens like Spago and the Four Seasons Hotel. While a student of Asian cuisine, I learned how to emphasize flavor over fat. Now I can say I’m proud to bring that approach to all Schulson Collective restaurants.

Nina Tinari
Celebrating Nine Years at Sampan Restaurant by Michael Schulson of Schulson Collective

Sampan, Schulson Collective’s very first Philadelphia venture, has officially been open for nine years! Located in the heart of Center City, Sampan serves an oasis of contemporary Asian small plates and a curated selection of wine, beer, sake and cocktails. After eight more restaurants, the opening of Schulson Catering and many other milestones, the wild ride has been one I wouldn’t change for the world. A big thank you to my family, friends and fellow chefs for all of your constant support.

Nina Tinari
Go-To Meals with Michael Schulson of Schulson Collective

Every chef has a go-to dish, whether we like to admit it or not. One of my favorite entrees to make and enjoy is a simple spaghetti with meatballs and sausage in gravy. It’s delicious in every variety and never too complicated to make. It’s also my inspiration for Giuseppe & Sons, a Philadelphia ristorante where classic Italian tradition meets sophisticated, Roman style.

Nina Tinari
Monkitail by Michael Schulson of Schulson Collective

Think Magazine recently featured Monkitail, a Schulson Collective restaurant in South Florida located inside of the gorgeous Diplomat Beach Resort. This modern restaurant specializes in fresh Japanese fare with a twist. In the article, Think Magazine calls Monkitail a not-so-hidden gem that’s definitely worth a visit. A big thank you to my amazing team at Monkitail for making this unique eatery such a success!

Nina Tinari
Alpen Rose by Michael Schulson of Schulson Collective

Now that Giuseppe & Sons is up and running, it’s time to focus to Alpen Rose. This brand new steak boutique will celebrate old-world Italian roots, lifestyle, food and décor. We’re projected to open on 13th Street in the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia near Double Knot and Sampan this coming Spring, so stay tuned.

Nina Tinari
Cooking at Home with Michael Schulson

Meals cooked at home don’t always have to be made from scratch. Life gets busy and sometimes our kids prefer something simple. My boys have always remained loyal to Kraft Mac and Cheese and there’s nothing wrong with that. Although, Rooster's Comb Mac & Cheese from Schulson Collective restaurant, Harp & Crown, in Philadelphia is one of my favorites!

Nina Tinari
Dry Aging with Michael Schulson

A dry aging room is one of my favorite restaurant tools. The process is ideal for tenderizing and removing moisture from meat. As we prepare to open Alpen Rose, a steak boutique in Philadelphia, we chose this technique to serve the highest quality meats.

Pro Tip: Use a charcoal grill when cooking dry aged meat at home; it will help burn off the fat and boost flavor.

Nina Tinari
NYC Wine and Food Festival with Michael Schulson

I had the pleasure of kicking off this year’s NYC Wine and Food Festival at Food Talk with Geoffrey Zakarian on Sirius XM. I also had the opportunity to meet The Kitchen cohost Jeff Mauro and Cake Boss Buddy Valastro. It was wonderful to meet all of you!…

Nina Tinari